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Sticker Installation Guide

Step by Step guide on how to install our decals you can do it yourself and SAVE MONEY! Follow the instructions below and you will be able to install your decals with ease.

IMPORTANT: Before installing stickers always clean windows with windex cleaner & dry properly.


Step 1. Place your decal in position.

Step 2. Tape either end of decal and use tape as a guide.

Step 3. Place decal on the table and remove backing paper with the guide tape still attached to front of decal.

Step 4. Flip decal on back and carefully remove the backing paper without damaging the decal.

Step 5. Spray soapy water to back of decal ready to apply.

 Step 6. Spray soapy water to the window as well.

Step 7. With guide tape on front of decal simply line up with tape left on glass then lightly squeegee to remove water.

Step 8. Lightly squeegee the remainder of the decal to remove any water and bubbles.

Step 9. Position lettering which has application tape on front.

Step 10. Place tape down centre of the decal, remove application tape with lettering away from backing paper and apply.

Step 11.  Revove the other half of the backing paper and applicate.

Step 12. Slowly remove the application tape to reveal the lettering.

Step 13. Decal installation is completed.